Testimonials – group online programmes

The “PCOS friendly Eating” kickstart programme has been specially designed to be a low-cost alternative to one-to-one coaching for women with PCOS who KNOW they need to get to grips with eating low GI, but quite simply they are fed up with dieting.

Here are some comments from recent participants:

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my food and no longer obsessed with weight loss as my main goal. All weight loss diets made me feel like rubbish and so deprived. No more! I did weigh myself this morning though as I started my fruit/veg detox today & I have already lost half of what I put on over Xmas in just 4 days, so definitely not panicked like I would usually be. (Ali, aged 31, full-time mum, carer and student)

Vicci video pic“within just a few days of healthier, more filling meals and listening to my cravings, my urge to reach for the sweet / cookie jar has vanished. Instead, I am armed with tools to question the cravings and healthy alternatives which do the job perfectly when there’s no talking me down!!!” Vicci, age 42, Cake decorator.

When I read about Annabel’s programme I was just feeling exhausted. I had spent months and months of dieting, fighting myself. I felt hopeless. I had just joined a low fat diet and felt like I was going to cry at any moment because of my tiredness. I didn’t know whether to trust Annabel or not, but I was so lost I gave it a go. 

It was like a new birth. I stopped fighting with my body and cravings and learned to listen to it instead. Keeping my body happy has helped me a lot: eating good fats, eating a low GI diet was a new start. I could see my body loving the food. Tiredness went away and my mood went up again. I felt full of energy and in control…. weight came off easily and I started enjoying eating again.

Changes soon became new habits: four months later I still stick to my new diet. Sometimes I go off track, especially on holidays but it’s easy to get back on track because I know the good effects this diet has on me. My taste buds have actually changed – even Nutella is too sweet for me now!

For the first time in my life I’m able to say “no” to sugary foods without feeling my mouth watering or being jealous of someone having it. And when I treat myself, I just enjoy it without feeling guilty. 

Would I do the programme again?! Yes, a million times! So if you’re struggling with PCOS, do the programme! It’ll change your life! (E.F, Nanny, aged 28).

Although I would never normally spend money on something like this, I felt desperate and had come to the conclusion that I needed some professional guidance and I am so glad I made that decision as it turned out to be the best investment of my life!!! (Charlotte B, age 34) Read more about Charlotte’s experiences here

Joining Annabel’s Kickstart Program for PCOS was the best decision I have made all year! It has been a true gift, I can’t recommend this program enough! Annabel has created the most excellent program and I would recommend it to any cyster who wants to have the right tools to feel better, and full understanding in the need for positive lifestyle change. It is less costly than a a dietitian plan and you get so much more out of it. The weekly videos and PDFs are extremely positive and informative. They allow for a profound understanding of why eating properly for pcos is so important.

I got so much out of this program. I now have a folder with the informative documents which are perfect to reference while I continue my journey with pcos. … I can’t recommend this program enough… There is nothing out there to match it! (Danielle, age 31)

I must admit i was a little bit wary about how food could possibly help me where pcos is concerned but I did try Annabel’s programme, it was fabulous, it has taught me that simple decisions about food have given me more energy, I have lost a little bit of weight, and more control over my eating habits, I did find it a bit difficult in the beginning but with the help of Annabel and a few other ladies i am conquering my diet, the thing with this programme is it ISN’T a diet its a lifestyle choice and one that i am finding very beneficial to me, it has given me the right tools to move forward with my PCOS and feel better within myself, the info and videos given by Annabel are excellent and very helpful, I can’t recommend this kick start programme enough, definitely worth the 3 weeks out of your life xx (Rachael, age 33)

I just wanted to share with you that I’m proof eating the right sorts of foods boost your system! Ive struggled on two commercial diet programmes to lose this last stone, just yo yo’ed and ended back where i started, just wasted a load of money going to classes and feeling demoralised from gaining weight eating ‘free’ foods that seem to work for others. Over christmas i put on 4lbs eating off plan, not all junk, yes i had a fair share of treats, but i also ate too much bread, potatoes, white stodgy rice! 4lbs doesnt sound a lot to some, but historically 4lbs would take me a year to try and shift! However, after 5 days back on low g.i. and 3 days juice cleansing, im now 7lbs lighter :-0 4lbs of that was just the 5 days back on low g.i. im the happiest ive ever been food-wise. I still eat my favourite foods and have the odd little treat, i feel soooo ‘clean’ after dieting on the wrong sorts of food for pcos all these years! Yes im enjoying my weight loss, but more importantly im happy eating yummy foods and its so much easier to eat out etc low g.i. thank you soooo much ladies for all your help, especially annabel (Ali, age 31)

“I am TOTALLY back on track thanks to this group helping me to re-focus – bless you :)”

“The videos throughout this programme have been professional and, with the enthusiasm and passion to be heard in Annabel’s voice, easy to listen to and to understand.” Jenny, 49.

“I feel lighter – don’t seem to be bloated any more … and more energetic!” Micky, age 24.

“In addition to Annabel being available for questions, swapping ‘notes’ with others within the facebook group has been a real bonus – thank you Annabel 🙂  “  Jenny, 49, Business woman, life-time yo-yo dieter and PCOS sufferer.

“just a quick note to say I lost 4lb feel better than I’ve done in ages” Ellie, age 34

“(doing the programme) has made me stop and think now before I eat something. I have had some lapses along the way but it has been a good start and i feel I can now build on that to form better eating habits.”

“Following Annabel’s healthy eating plan has been almost an epiphany for me. Having struggled with my weight and self-control for years, as well as battling PCOS, the guidance provided by Annabel and reassurance that following her plan of no “bad” foods, just better choices, means that I have been able to concentrate on what I can eat rather than what I can’t – which, to me, makes an invaluable difference!” Vicci, age 42 business owner.

The next programme starts Oct 2015