Sponsored Abseil

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

On May the 4th my sister and I are planning to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. Why on earth attempt this when I find heights a ‘challenge’? I will explain…..

So last August when I agreed to do this, May 4th 2013 seemed like an eternity away. My sister Tilly turns 30 this year and she was looking for inspiration for her list of “30 challenges by 30”. I had seen a newspaper story about someone doing this and thought it would be suitable for my adrenalin junkie sister (she has already bungee jumped from a crazy height). As the older, sensible, and somewhat risk-averse one, I have tended to avoid such excitement. … but then she told me the rules – if you suggest a challenge and she takes it up then you have to do it with her. Now, I had just done such a great sell job on how amazing this would be: an incredible challenge, stunning view etc etc that I just COULDN’T say no could I?!

But eight months later it doesn’t seem like such a clever plan…

Having had my head in the sand for months, I decided that the only way to make sure that I really DID do it (am sure Tilly is half expecting me to bottle out at the last moment) was to go public about the plan and ask for sponsorship. Afterall – what a fantastic opportunity to generate something positive (money!) out of scaring myself silly.

So 10 days ago I put together an email, a facebook page and a ‘just giving’ donations page and went ‘public’.

I have been overwhelmed by the responses – over £500 pledged in the first week and nearly 100 ‘likes’ on facebook. Plus countless messages and emails from all corners of the globe (Australia, Kenya, USA, Malta to name a few).

Now I REALLY have to do it!