Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Being told you have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) can seem like a mixed blessing. While it’s a relief to have an explanation for the array of confusing and distressing symptoms (mood swings, irregular periods, acne, fatigue, join pain, excess body hair, depression to name a few), the prognosis (that it’s incurable and you are at risk of fertility problems and worse) can leave you feeling isolated, powerless and afraid. I understand this only too well. I have been there.

The Good News

The good news is that there is a huge amount that you can do to take charge of PCOS and how it impacts your life. You can decide to ensure that your future is a great deal rosier by taking on board and putting into action the great evidence-based advice that is out there if you look. The tricky bit is working out how to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that are sustainable and fit into YOUR life so that you really stick to the plan long-term. This is where health-coaching can make a massive difference to you.


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How can health coaching help?

As your health coach I have done the research, the reading and the leg-work, so you don’t have to. My role is to support and encourage you to make changes to your diet and lifestyle to ensure that you maximise your health, wellness and fertility with PCOS. I will offer you a clear, simple, step by step plan which looks at all aspects of your health and lifestyle and together we will work out the best possible strategy for you at this time in your life. At present, I offer one-to-one coaching or a lower-cost, online group coaching programme specifically targeting women who want to start by seriously shaking up their diet. Click here to get on my VIP email list to make sure you’re first to hear about special offers when the next programme launches.

The key to success

The key to success is CONSISTENCY – making a plan and then sticking to it. I will ‘hold your hand’ and cheer you on from the sidelines and help you to puzzle out the next steps. I can offer you tips and advice and encourage you with stories of other women who have regained a regular menstrual cycle and are virtually PCOS symptom-free – all through changing how they eat and take care of themselves (I am one of them!) I wish I had had access to this sort of advice and support when I was diagnosed with PCOS and before I embarked on fertility treatment – click here to read my story.

Take Back Control

Are you ready to take control of your health and PCOS? Maybe the online coaching programme is for you? Or perhaps you would prefer one-to-one sessions. Or you may be interested in learning more about taming your cravings. See more details here. Any questions – please get in touch with me now – I’d love to hear from you!