PCOS-Friendly Eating Kickstart

Hey ‘Cyster’! …does this sound like you?

  • Fed up with your self-sabotaging body and crazy hormones?
  • Struggling to find foods that are kind to you?
  • Frustrated that you’re always craving the BAD stuff?
  • Not enough hair growing where it should?
  • Self-conscious about the hormonal fuzz sprouting where it shouldn’t?
  • Feeling frumpy and unfeminine?
  • Tired of feeling tired with zilch confidence?
  • Deep down scared witless about your fertility?

I really understand how you feel – I have been there. The good news is that I can help you to change all this – once and for all.

I know how frustrating it is trying to do the right thing – stick to a diet – make healthy choices – ESPECIALLY when there is so much conflicting advice out there.

It can feel very lonely and unfair that you can’t enjoy food like the rest of your family and friends.

Let me teach you how to eat in a way that is PCOS-friendly, but doesn’t feel like a diet and doesn’t feel onerous or dull.

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Dr Annabel Boys, Health Coach


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Graduates of the Kickstart programme can finally RELAX around food. They no longer feel confused about what to eat and guilty for making poor choices. Best of all they feel back in control over their PCOS.

Are you prepared to give it a go? Do you want your body confidence back?
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Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like with…

  • ZERO food cravings and guilt about what you’re eating?
  • No need to ‘diet’ ever again because you’re at  your healthy weight and staying there… effortlessly?
  • TOTAL CONFIDENCE that you know what to eat to SUPPORT your body and your hormones?
  • More energy and body confidence?
  • Feeling in control of your food choices?
  • Better sleep (feeling refreshed not sluggish when you wake-up)?
  • REGULAR, pain-free menstrual cycles?
  • FREEDOM from crazy mood swings?
  • the CONFIDENCE that you have genuinely done ALL YOU CAN for yourself first, before turning to medications and fertility drugs.
[Note - these are ALL results that graduates of this programme have experienced]

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This programme not only WORKS – it carries on working waaaay into the future because you cement NEW HABITS in place to create a PCOS-friendly lifestyle that you quite happily stick to.


I want YOU to feel back in control of your future with PCOS.  Just like Victoria, a recent programme graduate…


“Following Annabel’s programme has been almost an epiphany for me. Having struggled with my weight and self-control for years, as well as battling PCOS, the guidance provided by Annabel and reassurance that following her plan of no “bad” foods, just better choices, means that I have been able to concentrate on what I can eat rather than what I can’t – which, to me, makes an invaluable difference!” (Victoria, age 42, Cake Decorating business owner).

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charlotte crop“Annabel taught me how to integrate vegetables, protein and carbohydrates into my daily intake of food. She taught me to think about the quality of the food I was eating and gave suggestions on what foods to eat to maintain hormonal stability

Her approach was great because she did not put any pressure on me, instead it was up to me to put the work in and do it at my own pace within the parameters of my own lifestyle demands and capabilities.

I found Annabel to be a great support who was always there for encouragement… a true inspiration. (Charlotte, age 34)


Elaine pic“I’m currently on my way to being 3 1/2 stones lighter than when I started 7 months ago. Thank you SO much for giving me the tools and the understanding to make the best choices I can for long term benefits, I really wish all this had been available to me 20 years ago –  I could have spent less time feeling like a failure and more time feeling calm, confident and in control.

I hope younger women take the opportunity to seize control of their symptoms, their diet and their future health and fertility.” (Elaine, 52, self-employed designer, kickstart graduate)

How would it be to feel confident about food choices, to know how to ‘treat’ yourself without sabotaging your hormones? To spend 2016 feeling your best ever?

I want you to THRIVE with PCOS, not struggle. Let me help you rewrite your PCOS future today.


    • 12 training videos
    • PCOS-Friendly Eating Master Plan and checklists
    • Over 20 detailed handouts
    • Email support
    • Private Facebook Group Forum – where you get daily support from me (optional)
    • FIVE weekly live group calls for support and accountability (optional)
    • A private 1on1 coaching session -to make really sure you’re all set for carrying your new habits into 2016 and beyond (a one-off private session with me usually costs £99) (optional)
    • A package of fantastic expert bonuses
    • A 14-day money back guarantee (details in FAQs)

You will discover what new habits really work for YOU (in your unique situation). The truth is there is NO one size fits all – different foods work for different people – I’ll teach you how to discover what YOUR own unique body needs.

Together we’ll plan an eating pattern that you enjoy, find fulfilling and you’ll quite happily stick to because actually, you really rather like how it makes you feel.

Are you ready to ditch the diet books and leave CONFUSION and GUESS WORK behind you?

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  • How to eat to balance your blood sugar.
  • Simple food swaps that make eating lower GI effortless.
  • How what you eat affects your hormones.
  • Practical, useful strategies for overcoming those pesky sugar cravings.
  • Tips and suggestions for how to find your ideal weight and stay there.
  • Easy, simple ideas for PCOS-friendly meals that don’t have you cooking for hours.
  • Tasty, satisfying ideas for PCOS-friendly snacks.
  • Ideas for delicious, satisfying dinners (that your family will love too).
  • How to moderate the affect that high GI foods have on your body (so that you CAN eat birthday cake sometimes without feeling horrible afterwards!).

When you commit to making your diet and lifestyle PCOS-friendly you give yourself a truly special gift. You give yourself the best possible chance of balancing your hormones, reaching a healthy weight and (if you would like to), conceiving naturally (TWO grads of the programme are currently expecting their first babies after YEARS of trying).


  • You’re tired of feeling that your body is out of control.
  • You’re fed up feeling unfeminine and frumpy.
  • You’re sick of fighting with yourself over food.
  • You want more energy and to feel sexy again.
  • You are willing to ask questions and ready to take action.
  • You’re ready to ditch the dieting rollercoaster.

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I’ve put together a fantastic package of bonuses for early decision makers (that’s you!)

BONUS 1: Adopting Healthy Habits – (self hypnosis audio) –

By Kit Yoon

So you’re ready to get serious about changes to how you eat to help your PCOS? In this beautiful, relaxing self-hypnosis audio, Kit Yoon guides you through a process that will tap into your subconscious mind and help to ensure that your mindset is ready to embrace new healthy habits.

Kit Yoon is a licensed acupuncturist and certified clinical hypnotist. She has a private practice in central Ohio and a growing online health-conscious community. She lives with her twins, husband and a menagerie of animals in Bexley, Ohio. Find out more at Bexleyacupuncture.com.

kit yoon

BONUS 2: Detox your beauty routine guide –  By Amanda Cook

Amanda Cook

Making your lifestyle PCOS-friendly isn’t just about healthier eating – it affects our entire lives. In this 16-page pdf guide, you’ll learn how to reduce potential toxins in your beauty products and become more naturally radiant! The perfect complement to your PCOS-friendly, cravings-free lifestyle.

Amanda Cook is an award-winning certified holistic health coach specialising in natural health and beauty. She teaches women how to look and feel naturally radiant through whole foods, natural beauty and herbal remedies. Amanda’s advice has appeared in The Huffington Post UK, MindBodyGreen, TinyBuddha and Bliss.com.  She teaches in-person and online natural beauty workshops, and works with women one-on-one in her Natural Radiance Coaching programme.

BONUS 3: THE most amazing PCOS-friendly chocolate cake recipe EVER – by ‘Victoria Sponge’

Gluten-free, dairy-free AND free from processed sugar, this utterly delicious indulgent celebration cake is also low GI.

Until now, this recipe has been a closely guarded secret, only available to participants on our PCOS-friendly Baking days. The cupcake version is SO amazing it even made it to the finals of the National Cupcake Championships 2015!

vicci fudge cake 3

BONUS 4: ‘Sugar – Sickly or Sweet’ (ebook), by Lawrence Mitchell, certified IIN Health Coach and author

Lawrence Mitchell

In this book, Lawrence addresses the addictive aspects and dangers of this innocent-looking ingredient and walks you through 14 steps to reducing your sugar-addiction and improving your health forever.

Lawrence is passionate about health and wellness and is dedicated to dramatically improving people’s wellbeing, so that they can be the best versions of themselves: healthy, fit, alert, vibrant, well-balanced, disease-free – truly enjoying their lives and getting the most out of each day.



This really is a ‘no-brainer’ investment if you’re serious about long-term change – its not an indefinite weekly commitment like many of the ‘diet clubs’ out there (which you can end up spending £1000’s on over decades) – this is a ONE-OFF investment in yourself and I have created three differently priced packages to suit any pocket:

pcos prog costs table

Programme Options



Check out the FAQs page here or email me at annabelboys@gmail.com. You can also read more programme testimonials here.

“I feel like I have finally been able to take control of my life by taking control of what I eat. I have been able to step off what was an emotional roller coaster for 34 years and have Annabel Boys to thank for giving me the tools in which to do this successfully and so to her I will be eternally grateful” (Charlotte, age 34, programme graduate).

You know this programme has a 14-day money back guarantee and you have nothing to lose, so what’s stopping you?



Adopting a clean-eating, Low GI, PCOS-friendly approach to food was literally life-changing for me. I would love to support you to do the same. Will you join me?

Annabel Boys BSRI am Annabel Boys – a certified health coach (with a PhD in psychological medicine) and creator of this kickstart. Adopting a clean-eating, low GI, PCOS-friendly approach to food was literally life-changing for me. I wasted HOURS and hours obsessing over what I should and shouldn’t be eating and battling with cravings for sugar, caffeine and fat. Once I stopped battling with myself, made peace with food and resolved to listen to my cravings, it transformed EVERYTHING. My periods returned (and have been absolutely regular as clockwork ever since), the cravings just melted away (when faced with a big slice of cake, I can honestly take it or leave it!), I lost weight, regained my energy and rediscovered my ‘mojo’.

Are you ready to take back control over your PCOS?

Let me show you how to eat in a way that is PCOS-friendly but DOESN’T feel onerous, dull or like you’re on a ‘diet’.

The programme starts February 13th 2016

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Can you honestly say anything is truly stopping you from doing this for yourself?

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