My Testimonials

Much of my work is confidential in nature, but several of my lovely clients have agreed to let me share some of their words about working with me here to give you a taste …

This is to encourage you to take that first step yourself and to get in touch, just as they did.

“My time spent receiving coaching from Annabel on how best to improve my well being came at a time when I was at my most vulnerable. I was mentally and physically exhausted and for me, meeting Annabel, was like a ray of sunshine.

I’ve often told Annabel that our interactions – even though they have been conducted remotely – have been akin to her giving me a hug just when I needed it. And I remember when I was at my lowest, there was one piece of advice she said that always resurfaces and gives me that comfort that I need …. that virtual hug.

Annabel’s support has not just been emotional but also practical and has given me tools that I can hold on to to navigate through some of the physical challenges I have had.

I am grateful and thank her for sticking by me even when I did not want to talk or couldn’t articulate what I needed. Thank you Annabel x” (Kara, aged 37, journalist).

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“Working with Annabel over the last 6 months has been absolutely brilliant. I would fully recommend her to anyone looking to improve their diet/fitness and general wellbeing. She has helped me to refocus on my health, the most valuable asset we have, and to bring back the common sense approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Better than any book you can read… she is honest and clear about what’s important to me as an individual, my current lifestyle and how I can make the best choices for myself that can fit in around what I do. With her guidance and without any faddy dieting, I have achieved my personal goals (weight loss, more energy, stress management) and look forward to being fitter and stronger than I have been in long time.

I feel so much better equipped to cope with my ever busier lifestyle balancing work with being there for my young children as my company continues to grow” Sarah, business owner and busy mum.

“I have found Annabel an inspiring, upbeat, encouraging and knowledgeable coach. She has helped me make small changes to improve my nutrition and health overall. I have gone from 16 trousers to size 14, tops from 16/18 to 14/16 … My energy levels have soared and I feel I am in more control of my life.”

My food choices are far greater, I feel I have a choice of what I eat and it doesn’t need to be governed by what I’m cooking for the family. Carol, a young senior in her 60s…

To decide if health coaching is right for you, I invite you to have a free initial consultation with me.

We will discuss your health and lifestyle and determine what support you need to achieve your goals.