Fat, Sugar and Over-Indulgence – It’s Not Your Fault!

Many people love eating food. Particularly food that is not good for them.

This is not particularly their fault.  

Over many tens of thousands of years of human history, food has been scarce.pink donuts Humans have been programmed to indulge in eating whenever food is available, that’s the way our human brain works…and overcoming our evolutionary behaviour is VERY DIFFICULT!

Humans who found food, ate it and stored it were the most successful humans. Through time these humans survived and their descendants took on the same strategy for survival. This has been the case for hundreds of thousands of years. It is only in the recent past 50 years that food has become plentiful…the mere blink of an eye in evolutionary terms.

Needing to Eat?

That’s why we still talk about “needing to eat” rather than “wanting to eat”. We have evolved genes that make us crave salt, sugar and fatty foods because these were the foods most scarce throughout human history. Whereas we used to hunt and gather and walk 15 miles a day just looking for food…it’s now available at the supermarket and pre-packaged for the microwave.

Our brains are energy intensive too. They are powered by pure glucose. That’s why we crave sugary foods when we have been doing a lot of thinking! The brain is about 2% of our body weight but consumes 20% of our energy.

Salt was not available in large amounts in early human diets. It was leached from the soil and is not naturally stored in plants. This meant that humans had to get it from meat (salt is stored in animal flesh). This partially explains our current dependence on meat – we’ve been programmed over millennia to eat it and seek it out.

Going against nature

We all share this universal biology – it’s not your fault that you seek out sugar, salt and fat.  Our guilty indulgences transcend our rational decisions to say NO!

Understanding and working WITH this biology requires awareness, education and most of all support. Help from someone that can guide you and ensure that you stay on track. That’s what my job is all about. I’d love to help you.

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