CYC 2015

Sick of battling food cravings?

Are you sabotaging your own health?

Do you struggle with weight loss?

Are you low in energy and mood?

If you answered yes to ANY of those, this is for you …

Join the ‘Conquer Your Cravings’ programme for a spring clean that takes JUST 11 DAYS and could last you a lifetime

Annabel Boys


I am Dr Annabel Boys (PhD) – a certified health coach (CHHC). My own experience has taught me the importance of reworking that tricky (and often destructive) relationship that  we have with food.

Let’s ditch the diets and denial. Let’s stop wrangling with willpower and grappling with guilt. Instead, let’s listen to our bodies and find our own blueprint for a healthy, hunger-free future.


Imagine how your life would be transformed if …

  • Your cravings no longer dominated your day
  • You were brimming with energy
  • You felt happy, healthy and powerful
  • You slept like a baby and woke up naturally feeling refreshed
  • You boosted your metabolism
  • You reduced inflammation and bloating
  • You found your ideal healthy weight – and stayed there

Are you ready to press ‘reset’ on your relationship with food?

Let me help you get there


Apart from health benefits galore,

when you sign up here’s what you get (£75/$115)


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  • Detox your beauty routine guide –  By Amanda Cook
  •  E-Book – ‘Sugar – Sickly or Sweet’, by Lawrence Mitchell, certified IIN Health Coach and author
  • The Banana Commander’s Guide to Raw Food in the Spring Months by Chris Kendall.

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Let’s get started. Are you READY?


EARLY BIRD BONUS: The first 10 people to sign up for the programme get a 40-minute “Cravings Free for Life” strategy session with me (value £67) at the completion of the programme. 

Investing in your healthy, radiant future costs just £75 ($116). We kick-off on 21st March 2015. Come and join us!

Questions? Check out the FAQs page here or email me at

“OMG, I cannot believe how much my life and health has changed in just the first few days of this programme. I feel like a new woman! I have so much energy and I sleep like a baby at night!”

“It is the end of the detox phase, and I am happy to say that I am down 5 pounds! Thanks for your support, guidance, and the amazing meals that are helping me to lose weight so much more easily than all the other diets I’ve tried. I don’t feel deprived at all!”

“I am amazed at the quality of this programme. Each day, I am greeted with an email that inspires me to stay on track and teaches me more about what I am doing for my body with the daily detox habits. I feel renewed and so much better than I did when I signed up. Thanks for all your help!”

“Annabel’s expertise and motivation helped me make big (and very necessary) changes in my life which, a year on, I can proudly say I am sticking to. I make better choices now and really understand what worlds for me. Having battled with weight and low mood all my adult life, I am now nearing my ideal weight and feel a real zest for life. Thank you so much.”