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7 tips to conquer your sugar cravings

If you’ve already joined me in my ‘kicking sugar for Lent 2014 challenge’, then you’ll know that sugar has long been my nemesis! Today I wanted to share SEVEN food-related tips that I have recently found invaluable.

SWEET BEGINNINGS – In common most of my clients, my rocky relationship with sugar dates back to early childhood. I was a picky eater and my parents bribed me with promises of pudding to cajole me into eating sensible stuff. Reluctantly I would swallow down the minimum required mouthfuls to earn me my prized reward of chocolate Angel Delight (it was the 1970s!).

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In the past when I was feeling down, crabby, ‘hormonal’ or just thoroughly fed up, my go-to solution was edible. If life just didn’t feel sweeeeeeet enough then creamy, sickly cake or ice-cream was the ideal solution to make me feel better

…. wasn’t it?

Well – actually … no. And I knew it deep down. I knew it didn’t do me any good, but I ate it anyway. Usually quickly and quietly. Not really enjoying it, just shovelling it in and then  feeling worse afterwards … (with a health dose of guilty self-loathing too!).

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