5 Good Reasons to Drink Gin this Christmas!

My approach to Health Coaching is all about making intelligent, informed, personalised choices rather than blindly adhering to someone else’s idea of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for you. We are all different and there is no one-size that fits all. Yes there are certain things that it’s best to avoid (and drinking too much alcohol is one of them), but we have different body types, metabolisms, budgets, life-styles etc. and these will impact on decisions we make around health. That’s why my work is about encouraging you to make responsible, well-considered decisions that are right for YOU rather than making knee-jerk reactions to choices … and then helping you to stick to your plans.

So, this festive season, when faced with the question “what would you like to drink?” Here are Five good reasons you might ask for a ‘gin’.

  1. Gin is low in calories – well its lower in calories than many other alcoholic drinks with just 70 calories in a shot of gin compared with over 100 for the average glass of wine.
  2. Gin is low in sugar – in fact it is carbohydrate-free. Many of us don’t realise how much sugar we drink on a regular basis (See my previous post about drinking sugar).
  3. Gin is ‘less toxic’ – Gin (and other clear spirits) contain fewer ‘congeners’ than red wine and darker coloured spirits. Congeners are toxic by-products from fermentation which can worsen hangover symptoms for some people.
  4. Gin is British (and therefore a ‘greener’ choice?!) – The UK has a long tradition of distilling its own gin – so you could argue that drinking gin reduces the airmiles associated with your Christmas tipple.
  5. Some regard Gin as ‘medicinal’ – There is a strong history of gin being used medicinally that can be trace back as early as the 13th Century! The Royal Navy used to mix gin with lime cordial to combat scurvy, and with angostura to help to settle the stomach at sea.
PLEASE NOTE – This post is intended to to be entertaining rather that to encourage the consumption of alcohol. If you are going to drink alcohol this Christmas, please drink responsibly!
Photo by cynthiacloskey